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Goal 3659 tk Naked

HT=666! Happy January! Lingerie Day! Let's have some fun people! I have ONLYFANS!!!

King of the room:Tip 666 tk in total!
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If you want spoil me you can give me a pleasure gift: 999 -- bouquet of flower 1111 -- new lingerie for you 3000 -- new dress 6666 -- new toy (for naughty games with you) 2121 -- sexy schoolgirl outfit 3232 -- sexy police outfit 3333 -- sexy doctor outfit 5555 - gold ring for me 10 000 -- big Teddy bear toy 20 000 -- new phone 50 000 -- new camera for stream 100 000 in single tip-- tattoo with your name for lifetime
Room Rules
1. Be respectful please. You don't have to tip to say Hi and I promise that if you say it I won't bite :) It's not fun or cool at all to just stare at me and not even say hi! 2. Don't request without tipping I said this is my only job< I gotta eat too you know? :) 3. Don't "baby" me! I'm not your baby,bb or potato or whatever you might think of calling me. I'm just Isa or Belle :) 4. Be nice with the other guys in room! Nobody likes fucktards :) 5. Read the topic! You'll get a clue on what's about to happen and how many tokens left till it does! :) 6. Don't forget to have fun in my room! :)
Wish list
1. A single tip of 6666 2. The biggest tip in history of stripchat ( 99999 tokens) 3. A new car 4. Get again 1st place in the contest 5. Earn enough to take care of my daughter
1. Do you smoke? - Of course I do! And yes I know it harms my health, I don't need anyone to highlight that for me :) 2. Do you like tattoos? - Are you joking? I have 8 on my body and planning to do more! So if you wanna discuss about that go ahead mate :) 3. Do you do toilet games? - Ew no! That is disgusting! So if you are in my room waiting to see that you might become a skeleton and still not see it :)) 4. Do you fuck with a boy or animals on cam? - Ew ain! NO! I like to do my shows solo or sometimes with a girl...never a boy or especially animals. 5. Why don't you get naked for 200 tokens like the others? - Guys, please understand this is my only job and I live from what I make. Maybe the others have family or boyfriends who help them when they don't make money.. I don't... so please stop being cheap and appreciate what you have in front of your eyes!
Join the Club 1234! A single tip of 1234 tokens with the tip note (join club) will grant you access to an exclusive set of nude pics monthly for 6 months! Join the club 2626! A single tip of 2626 tokens with the tip note (join club) will grant you access to an exclusive or nude video! Join the club 6666 aka Devil Club! A single tip of 6666 with the tip note (join club) will grant you access to exclusive pictures and videos + snapchat for 3 months!
Days Schedule
Monday - FREE DAY Tuesday - Lingerie Day Wednesday - Normal Day Thursday - Sale Day Friday - Tickets Day Saturday - No Lingerie Day Sunday - Surprise Day
About me!
I'm Isabelle, 27 years from Romania aka Wonderland! I like to party, have fun, make jokes, be foolish, do karaoke nights and be the most natural girl on cam. I don't do just porn ! I live my life on cam just as I do it outside. I am discriminating at the same time impulsive. I bond quickly with people I’ve just met when I get that gut feeling, “Wait! It's like I’ve known you, like, forever!” If you’re one of those people, you can sleep on my couch, have my last 10 dollars, consider me your on-call girl when you break your leg, need to post bail or just want someone on the other end of the line while you fall asleep because life is short and the night is long.
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