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Goal 3109 tk Now I hope, im still lookin well... :D

❤(●'◡'●) Welcome! First day, first try (hope not last) ❤(●'◡'●)

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Q: Why are you here? A: Very often I come across this question, to be honest, everything turned out spontaneously. I came here, of course, when I experienced some difficulties in my life, for sure everyone had this haha. Well, in general, I liked to communicate with people of other countries and continents, to learn their culture and blah blah blah. Know you guys are the best 2. Q: How tall are you? A: Mom gave birth to a monster, just kidding around 170 cm or 5`7 inch. (hope wrote it right) 3. Q: Where are you from? A: Most of my lived in KL (Msia), but currently livin near Shanghai. P.S I will add more popular questions, if there are any
Hall of Fame whole the time
1. UCMENOW (OG master) - 18 617 tks 2. hardjay21 (Gucci boy) - 7 120 tks 3. Sailove28 (Cinta) - 5 094 tks 4. PeterZhang91 (Chinese Mafia) - 3 936 tks 5. bobopianpian12345 - 3 812 tks
My workin time
Every day - 13:00 CET Time - 19-00 CET Time Chill day (off day) - Tuesday (sometimes can be changed)
About me
I`m a cute and sexy girl with a nice personality and cute smile. I always like to dance and shake my booty!I like to dress very erotic and to seduce you to discover all of me. Make me want you and I will get kinky for you.
My simple rules :)
First of all, I am glad to welcome everyone in my room, from a gangster to an obedient boy. Below I would like to provide a small list of the rules of my room: 1. Im doin naked stuff only in privates (hope for your understandin) 2. Be respectful and no requesting or demanding without tipping 3. Try to use English as general 4. Im openin chat for everyone, so try to be gentel to every guest here 5. Good jokes or trollin appreciating Welcome!



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